A downloadable game for Windows

Game Summary:
-Twin-stick on-rails shooter
-Futuristic cyberpunk setting

Core Mechanics:
-Plasma cannon and Scattershot used to take down enemies    
-Locus Flux ability lets the player slow down time
-High score system 

In a dystopian future the evil Sun Eater Systems plots an evil scheme to steal the suns energy. Only one person is capable of stopping them.

Take on the role of Johnny as you fight through the city to take out the evil Sun Eater Systems before they can blot out the sun forever.

Locus Flux is  a fast paced, twin-stick on-rail shooter. Get to the end of each level by dodging and weaving between buildings, billboards, traffic and bullets, as you fly through a cyberpunk city with the assistance of your Locus Flux, a unique ability that allows you to slow down time while in flight. 

Locus Flux brings a new breath of fresh air to the on-rails shooter genre by combining it with a twin-stick control scheme . By using one stick the player can move the character around the screen and with the other they can use it to aim their cross hair to line up targets to shoot. This provides a tactical advantage to the player as they no longer have to be lined up in front of an enemy to shoot it. This also provides a challenge as they have to pay attention to both their position as well as aiming the cross hair. 

This version of Locus Flux is a "Proof of Concept" version. The game is still currently being developed by Sun Eater Systems. This is not the finished game and a final version will be released. 

Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller required. Keyboard and Mouse controls coming soon!


Locus Flux 538 MB


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Is Keyboard & Mouse support coming?